Rozeta od pletera promotion

On Thursday 30th November 2006 at 8.00 pm, Viktor Vidovic will promote his new album Rozeta od pletera at the Croatian composer society concert hall, Berislavićeva 9, Zagreb. He will perform Croatian composers Boris Papandopulo, Juraj Stahuljak, Alfi Kabiljo, Željko Brkanović and his own compositions.

“Decameron negro” promotion and recital

On Wednesday 16th February 2005, Victor Vidovic
will give a recital and promote the Decameron negro
album in the Small Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall
in Zagreb, beginning at 20:00.
Apart from the compositions by Dyens, Walton, Domeniconi,
Brouwer and Takemitsu, included in the album, Vidovic will
perform works by Villa-Lobos, Tarrega, his personal
arrangements of Arlen and Albeniz and his own compositions.
The programme includes some of the classical guitar
evergreens, such as Reminiscence of Alhambra and
Asturias, as well as modern compositions and authorial
works by Vidovic, reflecting in style the artist’s original
approach to his instrument arising from twenty years of
concert experience.
The audience will also have an opportunity to hear a few
first performances, such as Hommage á Jimi Hendrix.
Tickets will be on advance sale/sale at the Vatroslav Lisinski
ticket-office from 14th February 2005.